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Troll beast
Health: 20 (Solo), 80 (Arena), 150 (Quest)
Experience: 20000
Speed: Walk: 40 (Solo), 65 (Arena)
Run: 40 (Solo), 65 (Arena)
Damage: 5 (Solo), 40 (Arena)
Description: Trolls always show up at the wrong time. Awkward and slow, their kick packs a wallop. Don't hang around after one dies, their stench is noxious.
Object ID: Troll
Summon Troll
Summon Troll skill
Category: Spells
Class: Conjurer
Gestures: Gestr000Gestr007Gestr002Gestr005Gestr004Gestr000Gestr007

Troll default modEdit

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